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The river is diverted for power generation near village Dalikar, where as the powerhouse is located near village Gudah in the Mandi district of Himachal Pradesh. The project utilizes the head of around 356.3 m because of drop in water level along the River course, between the Dam & Power House.

The project, as built, comprises the following component structures:

  1. A solid gravity un-gated weir of about 5m height, built in stone masonry and cement concrete
  2. One gated under sluice built in reinforced cement concrete
  3. A 2-bay power intake combined with surface de-silting tank built in stone masonry /reinforced cement concrete
  4. Cut and cover conduit outlet from the de-silting chamber connecting the head race tunnel
  5. Concrete lined head race tunnel of 1.8m width and 2.1m height with a D-shape. Total length of tunnel from intake to surge shaft is about 3600m
  6. Two numbers of steel pipe aqueducts in the HRT, one across the Bakhli Khad and the other across the Bakora Nallah
  7. Restricted orifice type steel surge shaft of 3m diameter, at the outlet portal of HRT
  8. Penstock Butterfly Valve down stream of the surge shaft
  9. One main surface steel penstock of 1.3m diameter and 680m length, bifurcated at the end into 0.9m diameter unit penstocks
  10. Surface powerhouse on the left bank of the Bakhli Khad, equipped with 2 horizontal Pelton Wheel units each of 8 MW + 15% continues maximum rating capacity
  11. Two numbers of 3-phase, 11 MVA, 11/33 kV unit transformers and a surface switch yard located adjacent to powerhouse
  12. 12 Km long 33 kV Double Circuit transmission line from project to 33 kV Pandoh Substation of HPSEB