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Even though Patikari Project falls under the category of Small Hydro, it comprises of all surface and underground structures which are there in a typical Hydro-electric Project of medium size. It harnesses energy from the water in Bakhli Khad diverted through a Diversion Weir and led to Desilting Tanks. After flushing the silt, if any, clean water is then fed to the Water Conductor System comprising of 3.6 km Head Race Tunnel including two (2) Aquaducts enroute, followed by Surface Steel Surge Shaft and 715 m long Penstock feeding water under pressure for driving two (2) hydro-generating Units in Power House. After passing through the Turbines, water is led back to Bakhli Khad through Tail Race Channel.

Each of the two (2) Generating Units in Patikari Hydropower station comprises horizontal Pelton Turbine to which synchronous Generator is directly coupled - generating rated power of 8.0 MW + 15% continuous maximum rating at 11kV. Besides appropriate Unit and Station Auxiliaries, state of the art Control and Monitoring System (SCADA) has been installed in the Power Station to ensure optimum generation there from.

Power so generated is then stepped up to 33kV through two (2) 11MVA Step-up Transformers and evacuated through one (1) double circuit 12km long 33kV Transmission Line terminating at the other end in 33kV Substation of HPSEB at Pandoh which is part of the HPSEB network.