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Techno Economic Clearance

Patikari HEP is an Environment friendly run-of-the river project that does not involve any displacement or rehabilitation of people. Techno Economic Clearance (TEC) for this Project was accorded by HPSEB vide their Office Order No.115 dated 27.09.2001 during construction. Approved estimated cost of this Project as per said TEC is Rs. 125.90 Crore at 11/2000 price level and including Escalation and IDC.

Statutory Environment & other Clearances

Site Clearance for survey and investigation works, Environment Clearance and Forest Clearance were received from MoEF on 06-09-2001, 12-12-2003 and 01-11-2004 respectively. NOC was issued by the State Fisheries Department on 20-01-2004. MoEF had approved the CAT Plan for the Project on 03-03-2006. Consent to Establish from State Pollution Control Board, GoHP was first received on 07-02-2001 after commissioning Consent to Operate was obtained and is being renewed regular basis.

Safety, Health, and Environment Protection

The Environmental Measures like Grassing and Plantation works, Muck Management Plan, Compensatory Afforestation, Maintenance of Water and Air Quality, Health Delivery System, Sustenence of Reverine Fisheries, Green Belt Developement, Road Protection works, Catchment Area Treatment Plan etc. have been strictly complied with.

Social Development Activities

The Project had undertaken various Social Development activities during construction like Community Development, Infrastructure Up-gradation, Sanitation and Water Supply, Education & Training, Environment Protection, Medical Assistance and Health Care, Employment to the Local People etc on regular basis in various Panchayats in Project area.

Local Area Development Plan (LADP)

PPPL has undertaken various social and community development activities during construction for overall economic development and for meeting the needs and aspirations of local people in the project area. PPPL at present have deployed 24 no of manpower for operation of the plant and all of them except one are from Himachal Pradesh.